HUman Beeings.png

The bees are dying, but a plant has evolved that tap into human desires and needs, using us as pollinators.
In the face of bee extinction, an alluring plant, that tap into human desires and needs, has started appearing around outdoor gyms. The passing humans drink the plant nectar to replenish their strength. Some pollen sticks in their shirt, and as they drink from the next plant, the vital cross breeding occurs.

Nobody really knows if the plants appeared by random mutation or if they were given a “helping hand” by local biohackers.
In a world where we see plants as products, the plants might see us as consumers. As in Human Beeings, where a plant has survived bee extinction by adopting to human health norms. In such a future, would only the plants that tended to human desires and needs thrive on this new “market”? 

Do we only care about something if it adds value to the human condition? Or does untouched nature have a value in it’s own right?