Nonhuman Nonsense is a research-driven design duo working at the intersection of art, science, philosophy and technology. It consists of Leo Fidjeland and Linnea Våglund, plus countless other beings that make up their world.

Photo Sara Kollberg

Photo Sara Kollberg

Nonhuman Nonsense create near-future fabulations and experiments that lie somewhere between utopia and dystopia, allowing complex entanglements to remain complex. The intention of such speculative realities is to open the public imaginary to enable futures that currently seem impossible. As such, they work in the embryonic stages of system transformation, in the realm of social dreaming and world-making processes. The duo aims to redirect focus to underlying ethical and political issues, to challenge the power structures that enable and aggravate the current destruction of the (non)human world - allowing other entities to exist.

Their work has been presented at the United Nations, in negotiations on the Convention on Biological Diversity. It has been shown at the Rhode Island School of Design, Dutch Design Week, MU Artspace and the Stockholm BioHackspace. It has been featured in media such as VICE Motherboard, Gizmodo Earther, Next Nature Network, Makery, Discover Magazine, Dezeen, and they have been invited speakers at the Future Architecture Platform at the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana, selected as part of the ARTS-Project at the Resilience Center in Stockholm, among others.

They are graduates from MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, BA Industrial Design at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, BSc Engineering Physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. They are recipients of the The Michael Treschow Scholarship, Ulla Fröberg– Cramer’s scholarship, and the iGEM Gold Medal.

Their background and approach is
multidisciplinary and experimental,
analytical and emotional,
massaging the corpus callosum.


For a more in-depth elaboration of their approach, see this recent interview for SpeculativeEdu: http://speculativeedu.eu/interview-nonhuman-nonsense/





Animals, objects, ecology, technology … and the uncanny specters of in-between and beyond.


We take aim outside the status quo, challenging the power structures that uphold the common sense, to the point where some (humans) will call us nonsense. We seek the impossible - precisely that which escapes the current metaphysical paradigm.


We are not nothing, we keep doing something.


We take our starting point in the senses and the affective - that which drives us towards motion. We explore meaning making, and wish to cultivate human sensibility/awareness.


We stay curious and humble to nonhuman sense, their umwelt and epistemology. We turn, with solidarity, to the nonhuman, allowing other entities to exist.


We are not no-nonsense, but we are at least not only nonsense; non-nonsense lies somewhere between no-nonsense and nonsense - we want to start where language ends.


We are non-nonhuman - not only human, and not only non-human. We retain an experiential locus in the human subject.


PRZEMIANY FESTIVAL | Appetite and Apathy
Copernicus Science Centre
curation Michał Grzymała & Patrycja Strzetelska
Warsaw, Poland 3-6 Oct. 2019

Festival for Art Music and Creative Technology
creative direction by Kees de Groot
Enschede, the Netherlands 5-8 sept. 2019

DA VINCI CREATIVE 2019 | Living Life
Seoul Art Space Geumcheon
art direction by Cheon Heahyun
Seoul, South Korea 2019

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
Hosted by CUNTemporary
London, UK 19 April 2019

Tlön “Human Life Center: Dreaming, Trauma and Seeds (for futures to come)”
Malmö, Sweden 5-6 April 2019

ReShape: Mutating Systems, Bodies and Perspectives
MU Artspace
curated by William Myers and Angelique Spaninks
Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2018

United Nations: Convention on Biological Diversity
Conference of Parties (COP-14)
accredited by UAL
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 2018

BioDesign: From Inspiration to Integration
Rhode Island School of Design
Edna Lawrence Nature Lab
curated by William Meyers
Providence, RI, USA 2018

United Nations: Convention on Biological Diversity
Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA-22)
accredited by UAL
Montréal, Canada 2018

CSM: Degree Show
MA Material Futures
Central Saint Martins
University of the Arts London
London, England 2018

Embassy of Food
Dutch Design Week
curated by Marije Vogelzang
Eindhoven, the Netherlands 2017

Biosynthetic Futures (solo)
Biolab at Stockholm Makerspace
supported by RISE Interactive
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

iGEM Stockholm
International Genetically Engineered Machine
SMITe - Spider Silk Mediated Infection Treatment
Team Members
Boston, MA, USA 2016

Moving Art Project
Project “X/1872 X1 - No meaningful orbit” featured
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Future Land
Museum of Work
Project “Stadsbornas trädgård” featured
Norrköping, Sweden 2014 - 2018

ArkDes: Swedens national centre for architecture and design
Project “Cykelkollektivet” featured
Stockholm, Sweden 2014


Selected Talks+

Nordic iGEM
Workshop at Synthetic biology conference
“Speculative Design & Synthetic Biology”
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Tekla Festival
Hosted at KTH Royal Institute of technology
Workshop at Robyn’s technology festival for girls
“Speculative Design & Synthetic Biology”
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Lecture for MA Human-Computer Interaction
”Speculative Design & Technology”
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Future Architecture Platform
Talk at Art/Architecture Event
Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubliana
”Biosynthetic Futures”
Ljubliana, Slovenia 2016

Södertörn University
Lecture for MA Interaction Design
”Speculative Design & IoT”
Stockholm, Sweden 2016

Södertörn University
Workshop for MA Interaction Design
”Speculative Design & Synthetic Biology”
Stockholm, Sweden 2015

Museum for Contemporary Cultural Expressions
Talk at Experiment Stockholm & ARTS Project
Organised by Resilience Center Stockholm
”Biosynthetic Futures”
Stockholm, Sweden 2015

Konstskolan i Stockholm
Lecture for Arts Foundation
”Biosynthetic Futures”
Stockholm, Sweden 2015


Michael Treschow Scholarship
This award is presented annually to one person in Sweden who graduated from a design education within the last two years. It is selected on a collected portfolio that displays audacity, novelty and delight. Awarded 100000kr and invited to present at HDK in Gothenburg, Sweden. 2016

International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition (iGEM)
The iGEM Competition is a competition in Synthetic Biology, where students work together to solve real-world challenges by building genetically engineered biological systems with standard, interchangeable parts.  Our team, iGEM Stockholm 2016, was awarded with a Gold Medal, and was also nominated for “Best Presentation” and “Best Education and Public Engagement”. 2016

ARTS project
Project “Biosynthetic possessions” was selected as one of five winners in the ARTS (Accelerating and Rescaling Transitions to Sustainability) project: a three year long research project, funded by the European Commission through the FP7 programme, to understand how transition initiatives can accelerate sustainability transitions. 2015

Future Architecture Platform
The platform invites emerging creatives to apply with the ideas, visions and projects they consider important for the future of architecture. Project “Biosynthetic possessions” was selected as one of 25 winners out of 291 submissions, and was invited to speak at the Museum of Architecture and Design, Ljubliana, Slovenia. 2015

Ulla Fröberg-Cramer’s Scholarship
This award is presented annually to students of Konstfack Industrial Design who show exceptional promise. 2015


Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
University of the Arts London
MA Material Futures (Leo & Linnea)
London, UK 2016 - 2018

University of Arts, Crafts and Design
BA Industrial Design (Linnea)
Stockholm, Sweden 2012 - 2015

The New School for Design
Exchange semester in Product Design (Linnea)
New York City, NY, USA 2014

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
BSc Engineering Physics (Leo)
Stockholm, Sweden 2009 - 2012


Leo and Linnea are both born in Stockholm, Sweden and are currently based in Berlin, Germany.




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